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Monday, October 26, 2009

2007 Corvette

Currently making 1101 rwhp and 1020 rwtq at 16.8 pounds of boost on 91 octane.

New video from the latest dyno run watch it below or on You Tube.

Time for a new radiator. Currently making a new intake, procharger intake is to restrictive, we are only getting 13.5 psi of boost, hoping to get more with new intake.

I need more boost!!! Pulled motor to install forged pistons, connecting rods and stroker crank, motor will be bored to 408 C.I.D. We will be installing a procharger F1-A with pulley size set for about 14 PSI of boost. A FAST intake, ATI 8 rib balancer and procharger 8 rib accessory conversion have been installed. Just about finished up, currently dyno is at 707 rwhp, 695 rwtq at 13.5 psi of boost. Installed intercooler chiller kit with CO2, we lost horsepower due to the location of the air filter, going to switch to NOS and see what we get.

Procharger P1SC 6 psi boost with intercooler, Melrose headers and Xpipe, Corsa exhaust, black-out tail lights and change top from gray to black. Pulled in just under 500 RWHP

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Anonymous said...

Wow!!!!!!what a car!!!!!all it needs now is a good set of brakes!